Strong Advocacy in Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence and the legal aftermath that follows accusations can be devastating for families.

At Burn Law Firm, LLC, in Lexington, we provide experienced, dedicated representation to individuals and families whose lives are affected by these allegations.

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The High Stakes of Domestic Violence Cases

Few criminal charges are as politically charged or as vigorously prosecuted as domestic violence cases. Because these allegations frequently involve families and children, the state aggressively pursues charges.

Domestic violence charges can result in collateral consequences like:

  • Loss of your right to own a firearm
  • A criminal record that will make it hard to get a job
  • Inability to stay in your own home
  • restraining order that may keep you from seeing your loved ones

Once an accusation of domestic violence is made, the case may take on a momentum that surprises both the accused and the accuser. Once law enforcement has become involved in a domestic dispute with allegations of violence, they may feel compelled to make an arrest. Even where an alleged victim has signed a voluntary statement requesting that the charges be dropped, the prosecutor is often reluctant — or even powerless — to dismiss the charge.

Because of the seriousness of these charges, it is absolutely essential that you contact a criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible if you have been charged with domestic violence. At Burn Law Firm, LLC, we have handled many cases involving accusations of domestic violence, and we know how to respond promptly and aggressively to protect your rights.

Contact A Knowledgeable Attorney

Domestic violence cases often move quickly, and your decisions at the outset can have a lasting impact on your case and your future. No matter where you are in the criminal justice process, contact a lawyer to begin protecting your rights. You may contact us online or call our office in Lexington, South Carolina, at 803-358-7220.