CRIMINAL DEFENCEWhy Hire a Former Solicitor?

Why Hire a Former Solicitor?

Choosing a criminal defense lawyer is a serious undertaking, and it is important to do your homework to find a lawyer who makes you feel  comfortable.

Before starting Burn Law Firm, LLC, in Lexington, South Carolina, attorney Chip Burn spent seven years working for Solicitor Donnie Myers in the 11th Judicial Circuit, where he prosecuted and successfully tried a wide variety of cases.

That experience helps position Chip to be a strong advocate in your case. Give us a call today to discuss your specific circumstances.

Benefits From Chip Burn’s Experience

There are many benefits to trusting your case to a former solicitor, such as:

  • During his time at the 11th Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office, Chip Burn has tried virtually every type of criminal case, ranging from fairly simple matters to serious violent crimes like murder. Few criminal defense attorneys in private practice have a comparable level of trial experience. This means that Chip is comfortable in the courtroom, and knows how to succeed in front of a judge or jury.
  • Chip Burn knows firsthand what the priorities of prosecutors are. He understands the pressures affecting the prosecution, such as media pressure, alleged victims and government officials. This allows him to work with prosecutors, making it easy for them to reach resolutions that are fair to our clients.
  • If a case cannot be resolved with negotiations or a plea bargain, Chip knows what strategies prosecutors use to try criminal cases. He can frequently anticipate the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case and devise a creative strategy to help our clients succeed.
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When you are facing the possibility of a criminal charge and the penalties that come with it, don’t trust your case to just any lawyer. Speak with an attorney who can approach it from every angle. To learn more about our practice and experience, please contact us online, or call 803-358-7220.