Effective Legal Help in Restraining Order Cases


If a family member or someone you are in a relationship with seeks a restraining order against you, it’s important to be proactive about protecting your legal position.

You don’t want to be tagged as a stalker or abuser. So you need to assert your rights with help from a trusted attorney.

At Burn Law Firm, LLC, we can advocate for you and seek a resolution that makes sense for your circumstances. Give us a call today to talk about your case with a knowledgeable lawyer. Based in Lexington, we serve clients in the Columbia area and across the Midlands.


What Type of Protection Orders are at Issue


Restraining orders in domestic cases are essentially court orders that tell someone to stop taking certain actions against another. There are several different types of orders, some issued in civil proceedings and some involving the criminal justice system.

Our law firm handles a full range of these orders, including:

  • Restraining Orders of protection
  • Restraining Orders against harassment or stalking
  • No-contact orders

Obviously these are sensitive situations. But not all requests for restraining orders are legitimate. Sometimes, for example, angry spouses in divorce cases unfairly use domestic violence allegations for leverage in child custody disputes.

At Burn Law Firm, LLC, we won’t let such overreaching go unanswered. We will advocate strongly for your position and work for a favorable outcome.


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